Hi there and thanks for visiting. You must be interested in do it yourself projects as I am! I found it was a great way to improve your house, making it a home, on a budget. So I got into all sorts of projects, remodels and even furniture for filling up your home once you have it built out how you want it.

About me, I was born in the East, but like the sunny weather of Florida. I spend most of my time on weekends taking on one project or another. It could be fixing up a room, installing a new floor, or as simple as painting. Once I tackle the indoors, I moved outdoors to the yard. The backyard is a great space for the kids to have forts, play equipment and even a little relaxation area for myself.

The front yard is laden with great curb appeal from all I’ve done there. The walkway, the porch, the flowers, even the drive has texture and edging to it, it’s quite a site to behold.

On my site here, I’ll be showing you all these different projects inside and out, to give you an idea of what you can accomplish as well when you put your mind to it.